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New Sharing Options!

Thanks to the terrific service AddThis, you can now easily share polls with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and dozens of other ways.  At the bottom of any poll page (before or after voting), you will see a new set of sharing icons:


Just click one of the icons on the left or select “More Sharing” to see other sharing methods.  Spread your favorite polls around and share the fun!


Watch It!

We are proud to unveil our new watch feature tonight!  You can now create automated watches to monitor your favorite areas of the Mister Poll web site.  You will be notified by email about any new activity in those areas.  You can watch:

  • All of your polls for new votes
  • All of your forums for new messages
  • Any individual forum for new messages
  • Any topic for new messages
  • Any directory category for new polls
  • Any keyword search for new  polls
  • Any user for new polls they’ve created
  • Any user for new messages they’ve posted

You will need a free Mister Poll account to create a watch.  Look for watch links throughout the web site.  They look something like this:

Watch a Directory Category

Watch a Directory Category

Create watches for all of your favorites, so you’ll never miss the action again!